Oriana Aragon, PhD, Yale University, Psychology (2014)
Postdoc Associate

With John Bargh and Margaret Clark, Oriana studies the things that we do, outside of conscious awareness, that help us to regulate our experience in the world. Specifically, the regulation of positive and negative reactions to what we may encounter. For instance, through multiple studies Oriana and others demonstrate that people position objects to the left or right of their vantage point, dependent on if it would be better to perceive those objects vividly or not (Aragón, et al., under revision). Following basic hedonic principles, to approach pleasure and avoid pain, it appears that people spontaneously regulate their emotional states by positioning more pleasant objects to their left and less pleasant to their right, that is unless they have a purpose to experiencing the less pleasant object more vividly. In that instance the tendency is reversed. More to come…